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”The trouble is, you think you have time” – Buddha

What is the one thing we all wish we could turn back? What is the one thing we all wished we had a little more of? TIME. In today’s fast

What Do You Do If Your Partner Has Depression?

Dealing with a partner who has a mental illness is not a simple task. It takes plenty of patience, support and self-care to maintain the relationship without letting it spiral

How Long Do I Need Therapy?

Before you start therapy, one of the questions that goes through your mind might be for how long you need to for counseling before the problem is ‘fixed.’ Now, whether

How Private Do I Need To Be About My Counselling Sessions?

The simplest answer would be – as much as you want. However, personal choice might not be the only question. You might wonder, if your issues are family-related, whether your

3 Ways in Which Online Counselling Breaks Down Traditional Barriers

Everything’s going online. Shopping is the very least of it. While one of the great benefits of being able to do things online is the sheer convenience of it, there

Anxiety Attacks and the Sudden, Overwhelming Fear of the Unknown

Anxiety attacks or panic attacks are one of the symptoms of anxiety disorder. They might occur with varying intensity or frequency, but if you are experiencing them frequently it’s a

Why Is It So Hard to Get Yourself to See a Therapist?

Why Is It So Hard to Get Yourself to See a Therapist? It’s quite incredible that so many of us will visit a doctor and pop antibiotics at the first

The difference between a psychologist and a psychiatrist

More often than not, people usually think that a psychologist and a psychiatrist are pretty much the same. In a way it’s true – they both deal with emotions, therapy,

How to find the right therapist for you

Imagine if you’re asked to go to the super market to pick out the best jar of peanut butter. To make sure you’re getting the best, you’ll first look at

Psychotherapy – The Beneficial Taboo!

As per a recent study (2016) concluded by World Health Organization (WHO), close to 10% of the world’s population suffers from mental health issues. Between 1990 and 2013, the number

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