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”The trouble is, you think you have time” – Buddha

What is the one thing we all wish we could turn back? What is the one thing we all wished we had a little more of? TIME. In today’s fast

Emotional and Counseling Support for IT Professionals – words by Dr. Milan Balakrishnan, senior psychiatrist at Juno Clinic

What kind of emotional and counseling support are IT professionals specifically, and the working population in general seeking out at the moment? The needs of IT employees are similar to

Living under the fear of axe

Workplace insecurity is spiking the need for employee counseling and emotional wellness This year’s been particularly unpleasant for working professionals, more so for those in the IT/ITeS sectors. Job losses

What Do You Do If Your Partner Has Depression?

Dealing with a partner who has a mental illness is not a simple task. It takes plenty of patience, support and self-care to maintain the relationship without letting it spiral

How Long Do I Need Therapy?

Before you start therapy, one of the questions that goes through your mind might be for how long you need to for counseling before the problem is ‘fixed.’ Now, whether

3 Ways in Which Online Counselling Breaks Down Traditional Barriers

Everything’s going online. Shopping is the very least of it. While one of the great benefits of being able to do things online is the sheer convenience of it, there

The Highs and Lows of Bipolar Disorder

Bipolar disorder, formerly known as manic depression, is not the easiest disorder to recognize, in yourself or in other people. Part of the reason is that it involves mood swings

Why Is It So Hard to Get Yourself to See a Therapist?

Why Is It So Hard to Get Yourself to See a Therapist? It’s quite incredible that so many of us will visit a doctor and pop antibiotics at the first

Do you suffer from social anxiety disorder?

We all know the feeling of being uncomfortable just thinking about a certain situation. Be it walking into a crammed up elevator, preparing for a big meeting or giving a

Relationship advice from the experts

With the modern era comes a modern relationship. Relationships now a day don’t revolve around meeting each other in college or sending letters to maintain a long distance relationship. With

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