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Living under the fear of axe

Workplace insecurity is spiking the need for employee counseling and emotional wellness

This year’s been particularly unpleasant for working professionals, more so for those in the IT/ITeS sectors. Job losses and insecurity have negatively impacted employee morale.

At this dishevelled juncture, many professionals are turning towards counselling support. Says Jennyfer JS, chief executive, LeanonMe Counselling Services, “Today’s corporate workforce is seeking emotional support for their personal, social and work-related issues. They seem overwhelmed with work pressures, which are compounded by home responsibilities, extended work hours and anxiety related to job losses. They want to be heard, understood and given emotional support. A non-judgemental hearing from a professional provides the necessary direction.”

Dr. Milan Balakrishnan, senior psychiatrist at Juno Clinic, says they counsel around 100 clients a day, of which around 15-20% are from the IT sector. “Recession, layoffs, pressure and high ambition are turning them towards professional counselling.”

Through its mobile app, LeanonMe offers emotional wellness, besides providing in-house counselling. Juno Clinic provides a space for clients to engage in therapy, which involves looking within, identifying strengths and weaknesses, and leveraging strengths to overcome weaknesses.

Experts say corporates should include emotional support and wellness initiatives within their organisational mandates, as the emotional mind-set of an employee has a direct bearing on organisational growth and profits.

Says Praveen Rawal, Managing Director for workplace solutions provider Steelcase India and Southeast Asia, “Companies should send a clear message to employees that they care about their needs. Improving employee wellbeing helps them to be more engaged, productive and creative. Employers can also arrange for some kind of employee assistance programme for stress management.”

Professionals should in their own ways work out effective solutions to curb depressive thoughts.

Says Jennyfer, “We would recommend professionals to do an emotional wellness test to assess how well they are doing emotionally, especially when working in high-pressure scenarios. They should learn new ways of coping, such as prioritising, upgrading skill sets and communicating assertively.”

Experts say it is important to invest in good relationships both within and outside the job spectrum, invest time in nurturing hobbies and stay away from alcohol, drugs and smoking as coping mechanisms.

“If you notice you are having self-critical thoughts (e.g.. I will never have a good job again), it is important to put an end to them at once,” says Dr.Balakrishnan.

Moreover, at work, adopting a healthy posture helps to de-stress. According to Rawal, the perils of remaining in a sitting posture for long periods of time lead to increased fatigue and negative job performance, causing stress. “Frequent standing, walking, going outdoors help rejuvenate.”


  • Job losses and insecurity have negatively impacted employee morale
  • At work, even adopting a healthy posture is helpful to de-stress oneself
  • It’s important to invest in good relationships within, outside the job spectrum


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