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Mumbai Mirror Article quoting Dr. Priya Pareek Juno.Clinic Clinical Psychologist

Dr. Priya Pareek believes that because each person, and each family, is unique, there is no set formula for a psychologist to help people find solutions to achieve happiness. She focuses on the particular circumstances and attends to what is being presented. Her process is direct, supportive, and interactive. She specializes in depression, de-addiction, anger management and relationship issues, because in her experience relationship problems could be the root for various mental issues which often go untreated. In addition to Individual therapy, she offers Couples Counseling, Pre-Marital Counseling, Marriage and Family Counseling in addition to counseling on parenting issues.


Ph.D in Psychology from Rajasthan University

Team Juno
Juno Clinic is a comprehensive mental wellness clinic. We provide counseling and treatment for any kind of psychological or psychiatric issue. Our team consists of psychologists and psychiatrists, each of whom has significant experience and specialization in tackling issues such as depression, anxiety, relationship conflicts, child behavioral or development issues, addiction etc.

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