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3 Ways in Which Online Counselling Breaks Down Traditional Barriers

Everything’s going online. Shopping is the very least of it. While one of the great benefits of being able to do things online is the sheer convenience of it, there are also plenty of ways in which it can revolutionize the ways in which we function. For example, you’ll never book a cab in the same way again.

How does going online impact the counselling space? There are benefits in terms of convenience, for sure, but there are also unique ways in which it can bring changes in the Indian context.

Reducing the need to deal with social taboos. There’s a lot of stigma around mental health issues in India. As a people, we’re only slowly opening up to the idea that there are problems we all need to address, or which require therapy, at some point in our lives. Online counselling allows for a much greater sense of control and privacy because you can choose the space from which you will do your counselling session.

Improved access to counselling and therapy. Distance and mobility are often the biggest barriers to doing anything, especially in urban India. Most people look for something within their neighborhood, or within twenty minutes of their neighborhood when they’re deciding about doing it. Counselling services are not yet so widespread that this might be feasible for everyone. Being able to do a session from your own home can make a huge difference to how you see it.

More space for personal choice. Many of us, for one reason or the other, might not want to discuss the prospect of going for therapy with our close friends or family members. Online counseling is a decision anyone with access to the internet can take entirely on their own. You can keep your therapy sessions private until you’re ready to talk about it.

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  • Great article, I think that’s one very important reason why online therapy is so successful now — you can do it privately. Many will feel much more comfortable this way, and it being directly form home helps a lot too.

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