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Coping with Depression: Ways to Get Through the Day

If you’re dealing with depression and you know it, you’ve probably already found your way to therapy. Having a strong support base is almost essential, especially when you’re going through particularly dark times. But for many of us, the everyday also produces a host of challenges that might even seem ridiculous at times. Like, how do I get to work? How do I get myself to change my clothes? What can I do to stop falling asleep by mid-morning?


Maybe the most important question is, how do I stay sensitive to my needs without giving up on any sort of daily functionality?



Here are some things you can do to keep yourself going without driving yourself along like a steamroller:

Expand your to-do lists. If you’re not already making them, try it. You don’t need to put in just the ‘serious’ things. You can include taking a shower, catching the morning sun on your balcony, or anything else that you think you’d like but are struggling to get yourself to do. There’s plenty satisfaction in crossing anything out.

Take support from a friend or family member. If you’re finding it hard to cook a meal or wash clothes when you’re alone, invite someone over. Having another person around can sometimes help you stay awake and stay focused.

Change location if you can. Even if nothing is all you want to do, try doing it in a different place, like a park or a coffee shop. It’s a way to acclimatize yourself to moving around without taking on more than you can chew. Home spaces also tend to become tiresome when over-occupied.

Acknowledge when you really need help. If you find yourself spiraling downwards dangerously, then try calling a support space, counsellor or someone else who can help. Surviving any situation involves knowing when you can’t be alone anymore.

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